BLOODBATH - The Arrow of Satan is Drawn

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The Arrow of Satan is Drawn

  1. Fleischmann

  2. Bloodicide

  3. Wayward Samaritan

  4. Levitator

  5. Deader

  6. March of the Crucifers

  7. Morbid Antichrist

  8. Warhead Ritual

  9. Only the Dead Survive

  10. Chainsaw Lullaby

For fans of Entombed, Dismember, Demonical, Grave

Blasphemous Old School Swedish Death Metal!

The fifth full-length studio release from the Swedish masters of metal extremity, fusing the best of death & black metal into a malevolent torrent of blasphemy

Like all gore-drenched sequels, demonic death metal supergroup, BLOODBATH’s fifth slice of morbid savagery comes even darker, nastier and sicker than before. It’s been four years since “Grand Morbid Funeral”, and Stockholm’s shadiest death cult – with members drawn from metal luminaries Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Opeth and Craft- return with a new slab of old-school, HM-2 driven blackness: “The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn”

Recorded by BLOODBATH and Karl Daniel Liden, at Ghost Ward, City Of Glass & Tri-Lamb Studios,during the first half of this foul year of our Lord, the album is the second with Old Nick on vocals. If “Grand Morbid Funeral” was a thick spray of deathly noise, on “The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn”, it is the rotten, fetid state of the world and our inevitable doom that is casting a looming shadow over proceedings. With world leaders threatening nuclear annihilation in 140 characters over social media, capitalism tearing itself apart, a wilful march into a surveillance state via handy pocket spying devices, a shifting climate that appears to literally be trying to kill us… It’s all fuelled BLOODBATH’s newest ode to filth.

“What are we presenting with this album? Humanity’s unfaltering march prone towards downfall,” declares guitarist Blakkheim“The threat to this world isn’t from far beyond the sun, the enemy is right here, within the walls. Only the god of emptiness will survive us all. The arrow of Satan is drawn!”