GLORIOR BELLI - The Apostates

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The Apostates

  1. Sui Generis
  2. Deserters Of Eden
  3. The Apostates
  4. Bedlam Bedamned
  5. Hangin' Crepe
  6. Jerkwater Redemption
  7. Split Tongues Won't Atone
  8. Runaway Charley
  9. Rebel Reveries

For fans of Watain, Gorgoroth, Merrimack, Deathspell Omega

Southern flavoured French Blackened Metal

French act GLORIOR BELLI has always stayed true to the diabolical principles of black metal while carefully avoiding its most mind-numbing clichés. The band's lyrics and themes reveal a recurrent penchant for rebellion and poetry. With 'The Apostates', GLORIOR BELLI make a bold musical statement that reconciles the sound and tradition of black metal with a thirst for individualism and innovation. Don't take these words on blind faith, listen for yourself!